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Easy Upgrades for Your Garage Door

Are you looking for some easy upgrades for your garage door? We love quick fixes for aesthetic purposes (we do want to point out we would never advocate a quick fix for an actual garage door issue or repair). There are quite a few things you can do to really help spruce up your boring or older garage door. There is no need to replace the how thing if the door is still working great, but you might be looking for a newer appearance.

If that is the case then there are some great things you can do. The first thing we also recommend is to get a fresh coat of paint on the door! This is an activity that you can easily do in one day. Just make sure you get the right kind of paint for the exterior of your garage door, sand down the old paint, paint on a primer, and get a couple coats of the new paint on there! You won’t believe how much of a difference this will make in the overall look of your door and home.

You can also add decorative hinges or lights by the garage door! This can really make it look nice and updated. If you are looking for more options you should check out pinterest, sooooo many fun ideas on there!


What’s going to make or break your home’s curb appeal? It’s the appearance of your home’s exterior, and whether or not that exterior is complimented or compromised by your home’s garage door. But garage doors don’t have to be drab, boring, and conventional. For the fashionable home owner with an eye for bold design, there are ways to give your garage door a lot of flair without sacrificing function.

One easy way to add style to your home’s facade is by adding windows and window panels to your garage door. Panel designs in the garage door create interest in the same subtle way that painted shutters do — they add to a unified aesthetic without calling too much attention to themselves. Depending on the size and style of panel, your garage door can take on many different looks.

Long raised panels create an elegant look for your garage door; short raised panels lend depth. Painted panels can add pizzazz to garage doors that were previously plain, or you can paint the panels and trim in cool contrasting colors that will cultivate curb appeal. An added benefit of double-paned windows is that they let light into the garage and keep extreme temperatures out.

For the truly individual homeowner, a custom garage door might be the best way to get the look you desire. And going with a custom garage doors doesn’t mean you have to empty your bank account. Many are mid-priced. In fact, steel doors, which can be pre-customized according to color, are still in the middle price range come. Customized garage doors may also be painted to match the colors already in use on the home’s exterior. For wooden garage doors, hemlock looks good and comes at a lower cost, whereas cedar or mahogany makes a more high-end statement. Your contractor should come equipped with a variety of styles that can create the perfect door for your home.

Time for an Upgrade?

How old is your garage door? Is it time for an upgrade? Do  you even know? A lot of people couldn’t tell you offhand how long they have had the current garage door that is on their home. For the most part this isn’t a huge concern if the door continues to work right. However, there are some big things to consider with having an older garage door.

The first thing you want to make sure of is that you’ve had all of the parts and safety mechanisms tested recently. It is so important to make sure everything is working correctly so you don’t have an accident with the door falling.

Next, you want to think about the age of the door because they are advancing in technology and big safety features are typically added to garage doors every decade. So, if your door is more than 10 years old it doesn’t necessarily  mean you have to upgrade it but you might want to consider it to make sure you have the newest technology and safest possible door on your home.

The last thing you want to think about is how the garage door looks to people driving by. If your garage door looks old or worn out it will make your entire house look the same way which can really decrease the overall value of the home because people will not like looking at it. In this case an upgrade can really help, especially if you are looking to sell your home!

Garage Theft

We hate to say this but garage theft is on the rise. Thieves have become more and more sneaky in their tactics for breaking into houses and garage’s without actually having to “break” in. The newest trend is for people to wait and when they see that you’ve left your car door unlocked for some reason they will open the car and steal the garage door opener out of it. Then after you drive away all they have to do is click the opener and viola they are in the garage and can take anything they want. They won’t trip any alarms.

Something else to think about in this scenario is how easily they can enter your house too if you don’t lock the door that leads from your house into the garage (which most people don’t).

With all of that being said we just want to remind you to please keep all of your doors locked. We mean your house doors, car doors, and garage door. You don’t want to become a victim because you “needed to run back in the house for just a couple minutes.” Stay safe and be smart. We would hate for you to become a victim of this crime.


For weeks, local news outlets have been reporting on the rise of garage-related crimes across America. Usually, these stories of successful and attempted break-ins revolve around the garage door opener, which, once stolen from an unlocked car, can be used to open a garage and then enter into a home. Although in most cases the thieves wait until the homeowners are not at home or are likely sleeping before they make their move, occasionally, they grow more brazen. One man watched two men stealing children’s bicycles from their garage on their home surveillance tapes. The entire family had been inside eating breakfast while the robbery took place.

Now Houston, Texas residents are contending with even more aggressive tactics on the battleground that the residential garage has become. One resident of a Houston neighborhood called The Heights said she resorted to using a broom to scare off a would-be burglar who she encountered in her garage recently. She also admitted to dropping more than a few F-bombs in her attempt to dissuade the thief from lingering. Lisa had not left her garage door open, according to the local website that reported the story. Rather, the intruder entered the garage as Lisa arrived home, pulled inside, and parked.

“The garage door was open, maybe, 30 seconds,” said Lisa, who asked not to be identified by both her first and last name. Lisa happened to look over her shoulder as she dismounted her vehicle. That’s when she spotted the strange man, who instantly gave her a weird vibe. “I turn around and there is a 6-foot, 2-inch guy standing there and it scared me.” Lisa didn’t say whether the man spoke to her or whether he came any closer. Nonetheless, she believed he was there to steal from her. The broom was the closest thing to a weapon within arm’s reach.

Portland Garage Doors | Custom Door

Have you ever considered sprucing up your garage door? A way that you might not have considered is to have a custom door made.  A lot of people have very standard looking garage doors on their homes. While this isn’t a bad thing it can also make your house blend in with all of the other ones on the street because the garage door takes up so much space on the exterior of the home. There are a few things you can do make the door look better or stand out, like paint it a different color, but it will still be the same basic door just a different color. One way you can make sure your door stands out is to have a custom door made. You can look a the entire look and feel of your home and then figure out what design would compliment that best.

Most manufacturers have pictures you can look at of other custom built doors for inspiration. From there you can discuss what might be the right option for your home and budget. We love seeing custom built doors! And don’t worry, even if it is custom built we can still service and repair the door with no problem. Our technicians are trained to handle any door or gate throw their way. The new year is upon us and it is a great time to think about all the things you want in your life, including a new custom garage door.

Safety First

Our motto here at Portland Garage Doors is: Safety First! We mean this in regards to the work our very own technicians do when they are working on garage doors and also in regards to you staying safe. That is part of the reason we offer same day garage door services and emergency services for literally the same price as any other service. We know how incredibly important it is to keep your garage door working well and closing securely. If your garage door isn’t working or doesn’t close all the way it can be a huge indicator to people looking to break in that your home will be an easy target. This is the last thing we would ever want. Which is why even if your garage door breaks down at 2am we want you to call us so we can get out there right away to fix it!

We would also like to recommend keeping your garage door opener out of view or get a keychain opener if possible so no one can possteal it out of your car and then use it enter your home later. Please stay safe this holiday season.


Labor Day has passed and Halloween is just around the corner. It’s undeniably fall, and winter is on its way. And the impending season and its usual inclement weather raise the same question in the hearts and minds of garage door owners everywhere north of the Florida panhandle: Is it a good idea to insulate my garage door?

You may think it’s a good idea. An insulated door will keep warm air in the garage in the cold winter months, so you don’t have to start your work day by strolling through an ice box. And when the sun inevitably shines again, your insulated garage door will keep the hot air out, leaving your garage nice and cool all summer long. At least, that’s what homeowners think when they are considering insulation. But it doesn’t work quite that way. If you’re thinking about insulating your garage door, you better do the math first. The math will tell you: Is it worth it?

For once the math in question isn’t about budget, either. It’s about the laws of thermodynamics and the rating of the garage door insulation that you need. Whatever the season, insulating your garage door is about slowing the transfer of heat. Heat wants to go from where it’s hot to where it’s cold, as quickly as possible. When it comes you your garage, that means heat generated inside the garage will want to linger, but in summer it means heat from outside will struggle to get in.

Garage door insulation is rated by the rate of heat transfer it allows. The higher a garage door’s R number, the better it is at slowing down heat transfer. A product with a rating of R-29 will retain heat much longer than a product with a rating of R-7. Unfortunately, even garage door insulation with a very high R rating doesn’t necessarily mean that your garage will stay a constant, comfortable temperature. The actual temperature of your garage in the winter depends on many things, including weatherstripping, possible leaks, and whether or not you supply the heat to the garage space that you hope to accumulate.

Portland Garage Doors | Halloween Prep

It is go time for Halloween prep. Halloween is this weekend, what? We can’t believe the year is rounding out. So, with the festivities so close at hand it is important to make sure you have everything in order. Do you have your costume ready? All the decorations planned and treats to eat/hand out? These are definitely important things to ask yourself as the day approaches… but have you asked yourself if your garage is ready for such a big day?

There are going to be lots and lots of kids out and about on Halloween night walking around your garage door. If you haven’t had the door checked out recently then we would highly recommend it. You want to make sure that your door will close securely and that all of the safety functions are working so that you don’t have any issues if the door is used for any reason during the night. That is another suggestion, try not to use the garage door that night when people are out. It will help keep the risk down for any potential issues including animals that might be running around as well. Keep  yourself safe and have a great time trick or treating!


And the award for best garage pun goes to: Car and Driver Magazine. The anonymous author of a Mercedes-Benz sponsored post on the magazine’s blog must have traveled the globe in search of these “Garage Mahals” — garages that are going above and beyond the usual style and scale, making them worthy of the garage pun of the century. Once you start to take a look at these over-the-top storage facilities for inanimate objects, it’s not hard to see why the comparison to a centuries-old architectural masterpieces is perfectly warranted. These garages aren’t playing around. These garages go for the gold — sometimes literally. But don’t think that the owners of these massive garage spaces are just wealth-obsessed materialists.

These garages belong to die hard collectors, aficionados who see themselves as the caretakers of vintage and luxury vehicles, custodians of vintage and top of the line machinery whose pistons and curves ought to be preserved for posterity, for generations to come. Or so goes the logic of these garage visionaries.

One featured collector, for example, built his Garage Mahal in the shape of a horseshoe so that he could reach all of his wards without having to disturb the other cars. The collection includes show cars, racers, hot rods, and classics, as well as examples of “famous hardware”: “collections of Austin four-cylinder motors, to culture-changing marketing signs, and iconic hot rods such as the Chuck Adams ’32 Ford that was one of the first of its genre to appear at Pebble Beach in 2007.” Behind the vast showroom required of all that merchandise, this garage also includes an additional room where a small machine shop is housed.

The article includes a long list of garages and their contents, as well as a range of terminology clearly only known to those on the inside. A “garage queen,” for example, is a car that only stays in the garage and never gets to hit the open road.

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