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And the award for best garage pun goes to: Car and Driver Magazine. The anonymous author of a Mercedes-Benz sponsored post on the magazine’s blog must have traveled the globe in search of these “Garage Mahals” — garages that are going above and beyond the usual style and scale, making them worthy of the garage pun of the century. Once you start to take a look at these over-the-top storage facilities for inanimate objects, it’s not hard to see why the comparison to a centuries-old architectural masterpieces is perfectly warranted. These garages aren’t playing around. These garages go for the gold — sometimes literally. But don’t think that the owners of these massive garage spaces are just wealth-obsessed materialists.

These garages belong to die hard collectors, aficionados who see themselves as the caretakers of vintage and luxury vehicles, custodians of vintage and top of the line machinery whose pistons and curves ought to be preserved for posterity, for generations to come. Or so goes the logic of these garage visionaries.

One featured collector, for example, built his Garage Mahal in the shape of a horseshoe so that he could reach all of his wards without having to disturb the other cars. The collection includes show cars, racers, hot rods, and classics, as well as examples of “famous hardware”: “collections of Austin four-cylinder motors, to culture-changing marketing signs, and iconic hot rods such as the Chuck Adams ’32 Ford that was one of the first of its genre to appear at Pebble Beach in 2007.” Behind the vast showroom required of all that merchandise, this garage also includes an additional room where a small machine shop is housed.

The article includes a long list of garages and their contents, as well as a range of terminology clearly only known to those on the inside. A “garage queen,” for example, is a car that only stays in the garage and never gets to hit the open road.

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