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Garage Theft

We hate to say this but garage theft is on the rise. Thieves have become more and more sneaky in their tactics for breaking into houses and garage’s without actually having to “break” in. The newest trend is for people to wait and when they see that you’ve left your car door unlocked for some reason they will open the car and steal the garage door opener out of it. Then after you drive away all they have to do is click the opener and viola they are in the garage and can take anything they want. They won’t trip any alarms.

Something else to think about in this scenario is how easily they can enter your house too if you don’t lock the door that leads from your house into the garage (which most people don’t).

With all of that being said we just want to remind you to please keep all of your doors locked. We mean your house doors, car doors, and garage door. You don’t want to become a victim because you “needed to run back in the house for just a couple minutes.” Stay safe and be smart. We would hate for you to become a victim of this crime.

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