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For weeks, local news outlets have been reporting on the rise of garage-related crimes across America. Usually, these stories of successful and attempted break-ins revolve around the garage door opener, which, once stolen from an unlocked car, can be used to open a garage and then enter into a home. Although in most cases the thieves wait until the homeowners are not at home or are likely sleeping before they make their move, occasionally, they grow more brazen. One man watched two men stealing children’s bicycles from their garage on their home surveillance tapes. The entire family had been inside eating breakfast while the robbery took place.

Now Houston, Texas residents are contending with even more aggressive tactics on the battleground that the residential garage has become. One resident of a Houston neighborhood called The Heights said she resorted to using a broom to scare off a would-be burglar who she encountered in her garage recently. She also admitted to dropping more than a few F-bombs in her attempt to dissuade the thief from lingering. Lisa had not left her garage door open, according to the local website that reported the story. Rather, the intruder entered the garage as Lisa arrived home, pulled inside, and parked.

“The garage door was open, maybe, 30 seconds,” said Lisa, who asked not to be identified by both her first and last name. Lisa happened to look over her shoulder as she dismounted her vehicle. That’s when she spotted the strange man, who instantly gave her a weird vibe. “I turn around and there is a 6-foot, 2-inch guy standing there and it scared me.” Lisa didn’t say whether the man spoke to her or whether he came any closer. Nonetheless, she believed he was there to steal from her. The broom was the closest thing to a weapon within arm’s reach.

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