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What’s going to make or break your home’s curb appeal? It’s the appearance of your home’s exterior, and whether or not that exterior is complimented or compromised by your home’s garage door. But garage doors don’t have to be drab, boring, and conventional. For the fashionable home owner with an eye for bold design, there are ways to give your garage door a lot of flair without sacrificing function.

One easy way to add style to your home’s facade is by adding windows and window panels to your garage door. Panel designs in the garage door create interest in the same subtle way that painted shutters do — they add to a unified aesthetic without calling too much attention to themselves. Depending on the size and style of panel, your garage door can take on many different looks.

Long raised panels create an elegant look for your garage door; short raised panels lend depth. Painted panels can add pizzazz to garage doors that were previously plain, or you can paint the panels and trim in cool contrasting colors that will cultivate curb appeal. An added benefit of double-paned windows is that they let light into the garage and keep extreme temperatures out.

For the truly individual homeowner, a custom garage door might be the best way to get the look you desire. And going with a custom garage doors doesn’t mean you have to empty your bank account. Many are mid-priced. In fact, steel doors, which can be pre-customized according to color, are still in the middle price range come. Customized garage doors may also be painted to match the colors already in use on the home’s exterior. For wooden garage doors, hemlock looks good and comes at a lower cost, whereas cedar or mahogany makes a more high-end statement. Your contractor should come equipped with a variety of styles that can create the perfect door for your home.

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