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Portland Garage Doors | Halloween Prep

It is go time for Halloween prep. Halloween is this weekend, what? We can’t believe the year is rounding out. So, with the festivities so close at hand it is important to make sure you have everything in order. Do you have your costume ready? All the decorations planned and treats to eat/hand out? These are definitely important things to ask yourself as the day approaches… but have you asked yourself if your garage is ready for such a big day?

There are going to be lots and lots of kids out and about on Halloween night walking around your garage door. If you haven’t had the door checked out recently then we would highly recommend it. You want to make sure that your door will close securely and that all of the safety functions are working so that you don’t have any issues if the door is used for any reason during the night. That is another suggestion, try not to use the garage door that night when people are out. It will help keep the risk down for any potential issues including animals that might be running around as well. Keep ¬†yourself safe and have a great time trick or treating!

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